• Kim Senklip Harvey

Writer in Residence: UBC Okanagan

Very excited to share that I will be the Fall 2020 Writer In Residence at UBC Okanagan.

The residency will create space to offer feedback on work, share ideas and give a free lecture on Oct 20th at 7pm entitled:

"An Interior Salish Sharing: Stories from a Shapeshifter. A virtual talk on my prose, plays and process of dismantling and troubling colonial and neo-capital systems and the resurgence of Indigenous Matriarchal led systems and frameworks. With a particular focus on amplifying the emancipatory journeys of those enduring state oppression."

I will be spending my time working on my Indigenous Love/Dirtbag Hotdog prose and short story book, as well as my first theatre for young Audience commission with Green Thumb Theatre, The Mystics.

Limelet to Anne Flemming and the Creative Writing Faculty and Department for having me. To ascend from previous residents like Richard Van Camp and Marie Clements makes me a proud NDN.

You can find more information here, which has the details on manuscript submissions. There are a limited amount of spots to chat so unfortunately I won't be able to meet with everyone but please do submit. Be brave, I would love to share space with you and your storytelling!

It feels really powerful to hold space in the Interior Salish, my home territory.

Lots of love,


p.s my brain is mush and my spirit is full because we had an 8 hour zoom today raking through draft 3 of Break Horizons and I could not be happier. We did tried out this “open zoom rehearsal room” where HC members from all across Turtle Island swooped in and out of the script work to bear witness and it was so nourishing. Sechanalyagh to the Healing Company for holding such important space and helping carve and craft this mother. I cannot wait for you to meet Break.