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  • Kim Senklip Harvey

Write delight.

People sometimes ask how I make decisions as a theatrical creator - it’s real simple - I hold space to make shows that would get my ass into a theatre. I think about shows I have bared witness to and been delighted and excited I try and make that happen as much as I fucking can.

Writing as one part of my storytelling responsibilities, is to illuminate perspectives, journey's and experiences that are being neglected and oppressed. Stories from our communities and members that need to be heard so everyone's needs can be met.

Directing is another aspect to the wholistic nature of storytelling, it's about creating processes and opportunities for artists to be their most eminent selves. When it's not my writing, it's really just about space creation for people to show up and do work they are proud of.

The reason why directing and writing is my jam is two fold:

1. As the writer I can root the delight by connecting the transformational meanings to avoid it being gimmicky.

2. Directing is an extension of writing, it’s the realization part of the embodied creation process.

If we’re going to make a lot of asks in our writing I need to know in detail what’s possible. When I dream a mystical moment, I’ve spent enough time working with production teams, to know the scope of how much work it’s going to take. That’s responsible and ethical creation to me, cause otherwise I’m setting up my artists for failure.

With Break because I know it’s a giant show, to make the process, the art, in a way that’s nourishing, design convos had to be happening whilst writing it. With some of the Break team we’ve been chatting since 2018, which means 4-5 years to conjure and create the ceremony. And we were just saying actually how incredible this time and space has been to let ideas really percolate.

Also - I asked the design team if we could make this ridiculous moment happen for Break and the offer back is AMAZING. I’m so sad we have to wait a couple years for you to see it. 😫 But I'm so excited for us to share space and I feel like it's going to happen sooner than we feel, in a variety of mediums.

I know for Kamloopa we did in person Community of Practices to share the creation process and I'm going to try and do that digitally this time. I'll organize some Zoom's with the Treaty holders where you can meet the designers and artistic team as we begin to assemble. It's a fun knowledge sharing aspect to my creative practice.

The sound team is prepping for a small workshop and we've got some performers belting out some rock songs that just makes me go.

Actually I just needed to show this gif - this is how I create. If I do this - I know we got something. I write and cojure to ignite those moments in art where your body flashes with heat, your heart cracks to rush with blood, your breath floats on your lips and pushes down on your gut and laughter flows from the fibres of your being.

I want to experience shows that slam me into the present and nourish my spirit to deeply experience the fundamental necessities of what it means to be erotically alive.

Peace and deep love,



I didn't set out to have this impact - but I'm fucking into it.

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