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  • Kim Senklip Harvey

The Script: The Beginning of Break Horizons

Wáy Slaxts!

I just completed a big draft of Break for an application and I said on my socials that I was going to share the first part of it with you. With theatre continuing to take a big hit in terms of live performances - I make an offer.

I hope it ignites and excites you for when we can return to a big sweaty and sexy live performance. Enjoy this entry voyage into these worlds. I can't wait for you to see her in on stage in full as soon as this world makes it safe to do so.

Lots of love, I hope you're keeping safe and here is the first round of Break Horizons: A Rocking Indigenous Justice Ceremony.


p.s I want to give a big thanks to 3 extraordinary minds who have made this draft possible. Kevin Kerr, Colleen Murphy and of course Jessica Schacht. Also to Knowledge Keeper Little Leaf for hosting much release on my last visit to Head Smashed In. Sechanalyagh.



To be continued...

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