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  • Kim Senklip Harvey

Talk About Your Whiteness. Now.

If you have committed to anti-racist work, organizational transformation and in any way pledged to “do better” for Black, Indigenous and POC people’s, then by way of this commitment you admit to participating and perpetuating racism and white supremacy:

Now talk about that.

This cannot just be about the work to eradicate racism when we haven’t heard you share your in depth examinations on how you have historically, presently and are bound to continue to contribute and perpetuate white supremacy.

There is blood on your hands and you want to get back to work but where are the statements that read:

“our BOD made the white supremacist decision in year X to hire all white leaders. We commit to ending that racist tenure by 2022.”

“We made the unfortunate decision to hire no BIPOC FT staff for any production positions for X amount of years and have committed X amount to take responsibility for the racialization of the design sector.”

“For X amount of years we hired 62 white male directors and acknowledge our racist participation in upholding white supremacy and these are the financial commitments and sacrifices to reconcile our racist contributions which resulted in a white supremacist sector.”

Please - you gotta lot of cleaning to do. Read books on systemic change, igniting and sustaining transformational culture and anti-racist leadership and stop trying to art your way out of this. It’s going to take a lot of tearing down and rebuilding and ya’ll talking about putting up wallpaper with your bloody hands.

If you are not able to talk about your whiteness, you have no credible capacity to talk about eradicating the anti-Indigenous, anti-Black and anti-poc peoples, systems and culture that are absolutely present in your organization. You certainly won’t be doing it with any integrity.

We should be able to walk into your organizations and say how is your white supremacy doing without you making it awkward by trying to hide it, avoid it and deny it. We will know real change has occurred when you have the nuanced capability to acknowledge it without making it laborious for us.

I haven’t seen any of that so far.

with great anticipation,


p.s this one was for free next one head over to my consult page.

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