• Kim Senklip Harvey

Season 2 of TICE & a Complex Year

I'm going to keep this short because I'm still on a couple writing deadlines and I am taking 4 days off in a row starting tmw and I gotta get these last 2 projects in!! So I can take 4 days off in a row!!!

2020 continues to teach me that we can hold many complex emotions at once. And in fact we must, to try and reduce 2020 to one state of being "shitty" dishonours the spirit of so many. The tenacity of health care workers, the grit of older adults living in long term care facilities, the Black Lives Matters rebellion, Kim Ng being the first GM of a MLB baseball team and the delicious goodness of all that banana bread we made.

I said to a friend the other week what I deeply learned this year is that investing in one's own health continues to be the single greatest thing I can do for this world. Mental, physical, spiritual, cultural and cosmic health and wellness allows me to have impact and meet my responsibilities as a storyteller for my people. It gives me the courage to ask for help, build my capacity to be vulnerable and ignites me to make decisions that work to bring equity and the opportunity of peace to my peoples.

The end of this imperial calendar totems a bunch of work that I had to complete, a writer loves a deadline - even if it's a colonial one and I got a bunch of stuff done that I'm very proud of. I hit a major milestone for myself of completing 3 plays in 3 years. It was a lot of deep work that I'm very honoured to have completed.

Kamloopa: An Indigenous Matriarchs Story, 2017

Break Horizons: A Rocking Indigenous Justice Story, 2020

The Mystics, 2020

I also finished writing my second pilot, On The Plateau and compiled my first draft of my first short stories and prose book, Interiors: Love Stories from a Salish Plateau Dirtbag. And I met my deadlines of writing 3-5 blog posts a month, which while doing my Masters was not something I was sure was possible but heck yeah we did it!!!

I also just finished the second season of The Indigenous Cultural Evolutionist which you can find here and on all your prefered streaming platforms.

The last 4 episodes of Season 2 are super spicy and I'm very excited about writing, producing, recording and editing them which affords me artistic sovereignty.

This year has been resourced by The Canada Council, The BC Arts Council, The First Peoples Culture Council, UVIC, my Syilx Nation the Upper Nicola Band and I want to thank every jury member who made the decision to invest in my work. It is only possible because of your continued support!

I also want to give thanks to all my old and new sosh meeds followers - this year has been isolating but the community we've forged has meant a lot to me. Limelet for liking, sharing, amplifying and sending me DM's. It has propelled and ignited me in many ways.

I also want to end giving thanks to a few people that have gone above and beyond to support me on my journey. Ma and Pa, my extended family espesh those up in the Tsilhqot'in who let me stay with them on my adventures and Pippa for being my pandemmy friend and always making me laugh. To really deepen and honour the teaching that centering health and wellness is at the core of everything I do I want to thank my psychologist Daryl Ternowski who has, as I said in my session today, helped give me my life back.

As Indigenous peoples we have and continue to face significant challenges and attacks and if there is one thing that I can offer to you is, you are worth honouring in healing, you have the capacity to transform and you are worth investing in. 6 years ago I would never have thought I would write this blog with these accomplishments and they did not just happen, it wasn't just about this year. I have worked very, very, very hard for years to find opportunities of peace. And holeh moly am I so grateful to have Daryl in my life. Limelet Daryl and to all the other mental health clinicians grinding it out with us in a very trying time.

Is healing work hard, yep but it is the work that I'm most proud and honoured of. For healing allows me to see the beautiful nuance of this present moment and I will continue to work to try and support as many people as I can, in and out of the Indigenous community to invest in ourselves so we can best serve the community and one another. I firmly believe continually investing in our health is the key to finding balance and consciousness and is what will save the species and planet....but we'll talk more about that in Break Horizons.

Deep love and safety to you and yours,


p.s if you are Indigenous and in the B.C area here is a link to the First Nations Health Authority which has a lot of info on how you can get the health support you need. Now is always a good time to get support slaxts.