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  • Kim Senklip Harvey

Off Off Off Off Off with his head.

On Aug 29th on the Nation of the Kanien’kehá:ka at Tiohtià:ke a group of protestors toppled a statue of JAM at the end of a #DefundThePolice rally. It was a thing of beauty. I saw the video on twitter and my feed starting lighting up with Indigenous joy, love and celebration.

You can find the beheading video here. You can also find a video with a ridiculously amazing sound edit which I highly recommend watching with the volume waaay up here.

sir JAM was canada's leader of the genocide programs you can read this article in the National Post by Tristin Hopper to find out more. He is a war criminal guilty of ethnic cleansing. In an article written by Sean Carleton in The Star he writes, "facing the truth must include reckoning with the uncomfortable fact that Canada’s “Father of Confederation” was also the architect of Canada’s Indigenous genocide."

It is really fucked up that I have to endure JAM statues. That I was told by my teachers and politicians that I should be "proud" of this man. The man approving and leading the genocide programs that attacked and killed people on both sides of my family, inflicted inter-generational trauma into me and stewarded a canadian state that normalized violence and the killing of Indigenous peoples.

The fact that any canadian is angry is irrefutable evidence that we live in a white supremacist state.

When I toured Berlin I noted the measures they took to remove hitler's legacy. To remove all statues of the genocide. The tour guide said the gesture or raising your arm will get you throw in jail.

And here canada is defending a statue of the leader of genocide.

The greatest piece of canadian state propaganda is that we are “nice”. When I critically reflect back on this, I remember being told canada is nice before ever feeling it. I was told to put a canadian flag on my backpack in Europe before I experienced the benefits of that globally disseminated fallacy.

sir JAM innovated, resourced and was the leader in creating a state that could hide a genocide so well it is perceived to be functioning "nicely." In the MMIW 2019 report canada was found guilty of genocide.

In an article by the Tyee written by By Sheryl Lightfoot and David MacDonald in June of 2019 it reads, "Genocide is the centrepiece of the report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, which argues that colonial violence remains ongoing, not just a “sad chapter” or some legacy of the past. Its 231 Calls to Justice reflect the need to stop genocide in the present and prevent it in the future through a range of policy and process changes."

There was such a denial of this finding by state agents (canadian citizens) and by the imperial state leader baby trudeau. When he and his cabinet initially refused to acknowledge the ongoing genocide by skirting around the term, this was his admission of leading it. Baby trudeau later stated “We accept the finding that this was genocide, and we will move forward to end this ongoing national tragedy" and committed to Indigenous led action but where is that? 2 years later and nothing of any impact has been done.

canada is a country that continues to murder Indigenous women, femmes, children and peoples. canada acknowledges this genocide but continues it - that's fucked up. When we look at the genesis of this we can go back to sir JAM who initiated the systematic killing of Indigenous peoples and innovated methods to desensitize its citizens/you to ensure the state representing the crown, and his darling canada could get away with genocide for decades, and centuries later it's still working.

An effective part of the imperial states indoctrination is the comparative analysis that other countries guilty of genocide like Rwanda, Germany, and Darfur are somehow “worse” than canada. The state uses its citizens to uphold and defend the genocide of Indigenous peoples and these systemic frameworks are so dogmatically baked into the culture of canada - people are actually angry that this statue came down.

So I say take him down, let the statue heads roll. For what canadians don't realize is that these protesters are going to save you when the UN finally investigates canada's crimes against humanity asking "how did it's citizens allow this?" "why wasn't anyone attempting to dismantle the systems of genocide?". These monuments and statues will be used against you as evidence for the ongoing acts of genocide.

Everyday canada con's the whole world as it hides the killing and ethnic cleansing of Indigenous peoples. I believe canada is guilty of the longest genocide in contemporary history and sir JAM was the lead agent in charge of executing the crowns orders of neo-capitalistic imperialism.

This is your canada, a genocidal state that continues to get away with murdering Indigenous peoples because its citizens/state agents/you, refuse to hold yourself accountable to this truth and be activated enough to dismantle the systems that sir john a macdonald created to exterminate the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island.


p.s We're still here johnnyy boy. Your plan failed.

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