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  • Kim Senklip Harvey

Kamloopa: A Livestream

On Friday March 27th, in partnership with the NAC and their #CanadaPerforms initiative, members of the Kamloopa krew Fire Company, Yolanda Bonnell, Samantha Brown, Kaitlyn Yott and Emily Soussana, and myself read some excerpts and had some laughs, cries and chats about Kamloopa: An Indigenous Matriarch Story.

You can watch the archive of that livestream here.

This morning on twitter I posted,

I truly believe that if you rely on mainstream media to get your news, than your experience is devastatingly unbalanced. I curate my social media feeds to ensure than I'm getting less white people imperial shit and more IBPOC joy, love and talent. On my instagram, my IBPOC to white men ratio is like 90-10.

I don't think it's responsible for me to saturate myself in media that over and falsely represents groups of people. In this age, there is a big opportunity to balance our consumption and curate it with some truth and equity and I do my best to seize that.

All this being said, even with all this deliberate curation, right now the percent of IBPOC stories of our peoples being challenged is high. It's a lot of friends bravely and vulnerable posting about the challenges they are facing during the pandemic, which I deeply bear witness to and I honour that truth.

And in addition, I want to make sure that I'm deliberately seeking more IBPOC love and power stories being told from a IBPOC femme lens. I offer you can get that by watching the Kamloopa live stream. Yolanda, Kaitlyn and Sam powerfully dive into this story and give a potent embodiment of the brave journey of the Kamloopa Matriarchs.

We spend some time off the top and tails of the livestream, leaning into why this story and the process is urgently in need of support and investment and I think it's important to hear Indigenous femme's speaking to this, because a lot of the time it's IBPOC and or imperial men taking up that space.

If you're an arts leader, if you're an artist, if you're a community member being saturated with experiences that oppress IBPOC cultural endurance, spiritual strength and Indigenous love, than grab yourself some cheezies and carve out time to watch the livestream and soak yourself in some Matriarchy. I believe Indigenous Matriarchal love is going to bring us closer to equity, peace and community balance and you get a good dose of this during the livestream.

Bear witness to the power of Indigenous femmes, watch, share and send us a message because we'd love to hear from you,

With much Matriarchal love,

Kim and the Fire Company.

p.s if you haven't already I encourage you to check out my last blog post about a Dark World Theatre Day.

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