• Kim Senklip Harvey

Fire Creators Notes: Skyborn

I was asked to write ”Directors Notes” for Skyborn and this is what came out.


Hy’cyp’ca, Wáy, 

This is an artistic ceremony that honours a Musqueam soul canoe journey. A multifaceted Ancestral ritual to retrieve a lost soul when there is a sickness, and there is a sickness between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. We need you here in order for us to heal the bond between us, culture and land. 

Our Elders teach us that we are the land. So to know us, you must know the stories that flow from these waters, the spirits that grow from the forest floors and the histories that burn from the sky. 

You need to know the names of the places you occupy for us to heal:

Cesna?em (Marpole)

Meqwe:m (Camosun Bog)

?ey’almexw (Jericho)

Sena?qw (Kitsilano Point)

Papiyek (Brockton Point)

Xway Xway (Stanley Park)

This artistic ceremony is an offer for us to be in a knowledge sharing relationship, to share the Ancestral teachings that live with the Musquam and Sto:lo peoples. This knowledge comes from a time before trees, a time when giant beings roamed the Earth. 

We would like to honour Χəl̕s the Transformer, for accepting our invitation into this story and gifting us with the teachings.

Quelemia, is a name that pre-dates the human race, it opens up portals into our cosmos and this story inducts us into Salish mysticism. Supporting and participating in this Salish cultural evolution has been a profound honour. 

We raise our hands up and welcome you and your Ancestors into the ceremony. So sit, take a deep breath and hang onto your spirit as we launch into SKYBORN: A Land Reclamation Odyssey.

From our Ancestors to yours, hyu’chka, limelet,

with great Salish love and in service to the community always,

Kim Senklip Harvey. 

p.s the world premiere is Jan 24th,

2020 and you can buy tickets here. I am beyond excited to share this beautiful story and be working on the team to create this Artistic Ceremony and you’re not going to want to miss this.