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  • Kim Senklip Harvey

Crushing Under the Cosmos

if you wanna do this right, play this video and read this story.

we walked past neptune‬

‪crossed under orion‬

‪made a pit stop at sev ‬

‪and in 12 earthly mins we ‬

‪arrived at the Pac-Man game‬

‪at the colossus on Kwatlan‬

‪the place close to the ‪island

a Transformer landed

millions of years ago

that nobody knows about.‬

‪we traverse the cosmos all ways‬,

‪time travelling with orange crush slurpees

planning to hold one another’s hand

somewhere near gemini

but we chicken out

cause we’re both pisces.

we invest in this game and

hop on the next bus back

into town bc for some reason they

built a movie theatre near the walnut

grove close to the highway that spans

a turtles back.

somewhere under our star hopping

south of polaris we pulled the chord

and got off near the chucky cheese

next to the gross burrito joint.

clomping under the light of sirius

in our matching adidas hardshells

we giggle and play a game that

takes us 20 light years down the road.

we walk past a party

we weren’t invited to

and stare into that space,

you grab my hand and

i smile so big the light of

the milky way spirals into me

and makes my braces twinkle.

i swear our hearts vibrated

so intensely we curved

space and the Universe

stopped time to extend the

fire of this moment.

a beige silverado blaring sisco’s

thong song roars by and sprays us

with suburban grime and we scream,

release hands and walk up to get

$1 drinks from McDonalds.

20 years later i still remember our

fridays where we’d pretend to not

love each other until the Universe


you live in a whole other world now

somewhere near a river I hear

but the cosmos will always crushingly

remind me of you.


happy friday folks. here’s a lil Kwatlan valley specific piece.

deep love especially to all those courageously moving through the cosmos, crushing bravely.



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