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  • Kim Senklip Harvey

Crime is the Colonizers Language

Crime is truly the language and system of the colonists. The paradigm is an imperial one and the unrelenting assertion of the crown against Indigenous, Black and Poc anti-imperialist peoples.

In Break I’m writing about these femmes breaking free from imperial laws and a colonial order designed to kill us. A line that launches the second scene is when the judge says: “you’ve been found guilty under the eyes of the law.” The Tsilhqot’in responds with “Whose law?”

The more I look into imperial jurisprudence, the more I’m recognizing the sophisticated measures colonizers have enacted to aggressively target Indigenous, Black & POC ppls. Imperialists have weaponized trauma by turning a trauma response, into a crime which is brutally cruel and their deliberate punishment.

Our collective sovereignty rests on breaking ourselves free from the fallacy that the laws we’ve been taught protect us. They don’t. canadian law is designed to kill and destroy Indigenous, Black and POC peoples and with the over incarceration of our community members - their tools of oppression are working perfectly.

I can’t express this enough. The current “justice” system protects the oligarchy and puts the public at high risk. The state can do this by banking off of citizens ignorance, fear and indoctrination.

The law is white supremacist. Any sustained “justice” in that system is not for Indigenous, Black and POC people. Every once in a while they feed us crumbs to make us believe it works but that’s again a part of the design.

Until white folks understand that oppression ultimately comes back to the violent positioning of “lawfulness” we won’t have any freedom. Punishment is what the whites are interested in and without rehabilitation and restorative justice, the public will continue to be used as fodder for the imperial oligarchs benefit.

We must be vigilant in checking or imperial conditioning to celebrate and uphold the punishment of others. Who benefits from that? It’s certainly not the public.

Break Horizons is about understanding that unless we create a society that protects and stewards in justice for all beings, we will continue to be a species imprisoned by a system that will constitute our extinction.

Deep Love,


p.s here is a link to the SoulPepper Theatre Company's Fresk Ink panel I did. I read from Break and deliver a Hot Dog Poem entitled how to slide.

Limelet to Weyni and the SP team for holding this space for Indigenous storytelling.

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