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  • Kim Senklip Harvey

Bumbling NDN Hunters

Some seasonal poetry for ya. Writing more pieces for the Indigenous Dirtbag Love Hotdog Edition book.

And Indigenous Dirtbag Love is a genre - even if I just made it up myself and I might be the only contributor (which I highly doubt cause I def see some dirtbag NDN love on insta and shit.)

But check out this piece - evidence the genre is real.


coffee and plastic cheeeze

that’s the offer this morning

for 2pm breakfast after a night

rompin in his sheets masked

by summer scented febreeze.

my walmart war paint is smeared

across both our red brown faces,

totem’s of a sexy battle that

make our Ancestors groan

cause we’re from different Nations.

we accidentally get dressed in each other’s

clothes cause our regalia looks the same,

faded glory black jeans and rocking

Steven Paul Judd’s latest NTVS tee's

with our cultural heritages reclaimed.

i move my moccasin trail to get

water from his creeky faucet and

laugh to myself as i remember

annihilating him in bar buck hunter,

dayum that was super awesome.

he’s followed me to this scuzzy water hole

prolly sniffed my cheap knock off jlo scent,

and makes an offer to touch me

which i swiftly fend off with old trapline

tricks to successfully circumvent.

i stare at this old enemy who wants

to become more than just blood memory,

cause he’s tryin to kraft another kimbo slice,

so i throw him this super tradish and

old sage piece of snagging advice:

“brah these types of permits expire real quick,

i’m gwaan home now, order me an uber, get get.

your a slick one and last night was fun.

but summer's over and this fucking NDN

hunting period is totally over, it done.


Happy fall equinox.

deep love,


p.s To get the layers, stacking and multiverse meanings in this piece, you’ve got to get knowing the nuances, peoples and complexities of our cultures - espesh when they contemporary Indigenous ones.

Steven Paul Judd is a Kiowa and Choctaw maker who claims, transforms and intersects Indigenous cultural heritages with contemporary references. His work is reclaimatory, political, sexy and humorous. I really respect him for the grind he puts in, very much like Chief Ladybird whose an incredibly hard worker and you best believe I will be referencing her in my writing soon!

SPJ works a lot with this other amazing company The NTVS who I get a lot of my apparel from. If you’ve ever been in the rehearsal hall with me my laptop is adorned with their sticks. I love love love their aesthetic.

Now in the poem, we get to know the characters in a few ways but I specifically refer to their clothing and what the speaker refers to as their “regalia.” This informs the reader of the type of NDN the speaker is and what type of people they are into if they are mixing up their clothes.

It’s not a Gucci reference of a Monet reference, it’s a Steven Paul Judd and the NTVS reference and it’s crucial in your anti-racist work you get to know our plight, politics and contemporary artistic refs bc this is how you’re going to get the nuances of who we are.

Here is a link to NDN country's crush Steven Paul Judd and here is a link to the amazing NTVS crew as well as a gallery of images of SJP and the NTVS work.

Photo 1: SPJ custom skateboard

Photo 2: SPJ looking fly.

Photo 3: SPJ and a neon custom piece he did.

Photo 4: SJP and this sick piece he did with rubix cubes.

Photo 5: SJP

Photo: 6: The NTVS Rez Ball shirt (I got one and love it!)

Photo 7: The NTVS Hominy Natives Throwback

Photo 8: The NTVS Sage Against the Machine Shirt

Photo 9: SPJ and the NTVS collab which you can check out here.

Don't you already feel the vibe of the poem a bit clearer now after ingesting these images and knowing these ref's a bit better?

p.p.s I fucking love fall. :P

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