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  • Kim Senklip Harvey

Break Horizons: Updated Synopsis

I've been deep into draft 3 of my next artistic ceremony, distilling and trying my best to connect, sync and weave the sinew of this story's spirit together.

This is a big world build and I like to use my blog as a totem of the art, espesh since the process is the art.

There are many layers stacked into this Indigenous futurism story:

-the healing lodge - this reality

-the 4th, 5th, 6th and dimensions beyond

-the Ancestors, thousands of years old

-the Original beings, millions and billions of years old

-The Animal Matriarchs, Tahlequah (an Orca from the Southern Resident pod) and others

-Indigenous mystical science, the notion that the big bounce folds into spirits travelling to the next worlds. This concept we never die, we transform by shedding our current forms.

-the 500 year war that the crown is waging against the world and in particular Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island

-teachings trapped in the rock and beings our Transformers who are vibrating to us from worlds before this bounce

but let's stop there for now and I invite you to come dive into Break with me.

The Universe collapses and expands, this cycle is called a bounce. Every bounce takes billions of years and the only constant is our spirits, everything else changes.

On this bounce, thousands of years ago, the Original Salish Matriarchs, keepers of the western portal foresaw the war with the crown and made the decision to imprint the knowledge of peace into Indigenous femmes blood and bake the understanding of balance into the land.

As they knew Indigenous peoples were the stewards of the Earth. This responsibility has been bestowed upon them since the beginning of time. This why Indigenous peoples have kept a loving and reciprocal relationship with our Mother, The Earth.

The Original Salish Matriarchs worked with the Animal Matriarchs to ensure we could somehow journey back to this knowing. But the imperialist war, in its 500th year and has been more brutal than anyone could’ve imagined and their tactics of destruction have kept Indigenous peoples from believing in themselves and displaced from the land.

The crowns desire to obliterate Indigenous systems of balance that were thousands of years old has now resulted in a climatic crisis.

Mother Earth is retaliating by waging war against the human species. In her attempts to get them to listen she’s been forced to activate environmental disasters.

With little response from the human species, Mother Earth has been swaying the animals to become her ally and leave the humans to their own devices since they have not been listening. The conditions of the environment are rapidly worsening and threatening many of the animal species.

This environmental crisis has positioned the entire Universe to become unstable and put us on the brink of an irregular collapse. This has never happened before and some say might end the cycle of bounces forever...

One shifter has been granted access to the Earths third dimension to awaken an Original Matriarch, Scarlett, a 21 year old Indigenous woman whose been placed in a Healing Lodge and is now the hope of the Universe.

Will the Shifter be able to help Scarlett remember the power and knowledge that lives within her before it’s too late?

With the support of the other 5 Indigenous femmes in the healing lodge who are armed with the indestructible force that is Indigenous love, we need your help to stop the 500 year war, rock the the human race back to balance and stop the collapse of the entire Universe.​

The is Break Horizons: A Rocking Indigenous Justice Story.

You follow? 😀🌌❤️ I was taught to make the stakes big with my storytelling, I couldn’t think of anything bigger than the Universe.

Deep love,


ps. I had this on repeat while I was working today.

#BreakHorizons #IndigenousLove #Matriarchs #IndigenousFuturism

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