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  • Kim Senklip Harvey

Artistic Prowess

I watched Patch Adams the other day and it was an acting masterclass on the art of the offer. Moment after moment, Robin Williams gave so many complex, hilarious and dynamic offers.

This is a dream performer for a director, actors bringing bold and responsive possibilities to help composite the design of the story.

I was also generously gifted with the recommendation from the exciting Kaitlyn Yott, to watch Killing Eve with Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh because of their artistic prowess and the artistry in conjuring bold and compelling offers and I will always take an offer to engage with Sandra Oh, that woman is a mystic.

This gif is hot, I'm watching this show for this gif alone :P

Anyways, if you’re an actor, I recommend you find a performer, like Williams and Oh who you share some vibes with and watch their movies, YouTube’s, blooper reels and anything you can get your hands on to know how to be a performer that arrives with the bounty like they do.

When I was working with Michael Kennard, one half of Mump and Smoot, he was talking to me about how he conjures offers from any little thing occurring in the scene. I said what do you do if nothing is happening, he smiled and said, “nothings always got something.”

Work to be an actor that doesn’t demand, props, costumes, tech - know it will lift you if it’s coming - but that the foundation for a compelling storyteller is the Universe that is in our body and the bonds we create with everything else around us.I watched Williams, scene after scene leverage every look, breath and resource in his reach and it was astoundingly glorious.

Yolanda Bonnell does this. In Kamloopa she’d go, k let me try that again, again, one more time and again, coming with offer after offer, more hilarious than the last with ease and experience and the humble attitude asking, which one?

I find experienced actors are readily able to generate, conjure and create offers for directors and solve problems that nourish the story and production design. This is no small task, but this is the work and these are the types of powerful artists I will curate my collaborations with, for they are a gift for the artistic leadership.

The remnants, the environments these types of performers leave behind, is one that creates a contagious space for courageous creation practices and I’m so grateful for them.

Be humble and nimble to the needs, resources and the capabilities of the story and bold and bountiful with your offers.

Deep love.



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