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  • Kim Senklip Harvey

Anti-white Scifi

I don’t write sci-fi because calling it fiction gives western science, and thus imperialists authority over Indigenous paradigms, ontological truths, our creation stories and genesis ideologies. It’s a violent colonial oppression to shove it into fiction.

I write Indigenous Mysticism. Not magic realism, not scifi, not myth. It’s not any genre that adheres to neo-capitalism and or makes imperialists comfortable.

If you feel the need to classify it as fiction - I ask who has the authority to do that? Why do you want to do that? Why do we make our stories subservient to white supremacist assertions of “truth”.

I’m refusing imperial powers hostile attack on my stories as fiction because that gives white power ideological ascendency over Indigenous peoples, histories and our cultural heritages.

If we are to dismantle white supremacy from our conditioning we must be diligent in extracting it’s toxic bleed from all areas of our lives, including the inherited anti-Indigenous genres that compose can lit and western media.

Indigenous Mysticism is rooted in our incomprehensible relational beingness with the Universe that’s held in a praxis of transformation that exists outside the notions of conscious reality and binary notions of “true and false.”

It’s Indigenous mysticism slaxts. ❤️✌🏾

Deep love,


Illustration: Karlene Harvey

p.s check out this neat podcast I did on Nerdin About.

"Are you missing the theatre? Are you itching for a comedy about quantum mechanics, prison reform, and Indigenous liberation? In this episode of Nerdin’ About we talk with storyteller and creator Kim Senklip Harvey about how she uses comedy to discuss issues of injustice faced by Indigenous peoples, and to build connections among people across space and time. We also dive into why Kim writes stories that highlight Indigenous matriarchs, and how she brings this focus into her blog and podcast “The Indigenous Cultural Evolutionist”.

You can find the episode here.

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