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  • Kim Senklip Harvey

a hot dog poem

wáy slaxts,

I'm in the thick of it at the moment, in an exciting way.

I've started my second semester in my MFA program and got a dope teaching pedagogy course. I'm also in a playwrighting course with deadlines and support from Kevin Kerr and writers love/need a good deadline.

I'm excited to share I've started writing Break Horizons, she is a justice seeking, shit disturbing rockstar that I'm very excited for you all to meet. Will have that draft by mid Feb.

We're also 10 days away from the world premiere of Skyborn: A Land Reclamation Odyssey. This is happening at The Cultch and your can buy your tickets here, they are limited so you're going to want to grab them asap. Also, there is a promo code, LittleBlueHouse for all Indigenous peoples, any ticket, anytime for $20! Shoutout to Push for having us!

I'm very excited about Skyborn, this artistic ceremony is a generous gift from Musqueam and Sto:lo artist Quelemia Sparrow. Sharing with us the creation stories of these lands, the genesis story of the Tel Swayel - the Skyborn beings and the #IndignousLove of her family. The powerful storytelling switchbacks between earth realities and Coastal mysticism is something I've never seen or read in Indigenous theatre before.

The show has giant beings in it, and this has meant the production and creative team has had to be massive to contain it all. A sound department with 5+ artists, a visual dept with 5+ artists, we've got close to 10 puppets, we're working with a circus consultant, and on a daily basis I'm interfacing with 17ish artists and production staff to make this soul canoe story happen. It's ambitious and exactly where I want to be, evolving and transforming the space and scope of how Indigenous theatre should and can be created.

Also, if you're coming top opening, the company's party attire will be Indigenous futurism, we're bringing sexy back to theatre yo. So give your mountain equipment coop clothes a break for a night Vancouverites and launch with us into the galactic glitter and bright illuminations that is Skyborn.

And to finish, here is a poem I wrote in a mall food court.

peace and deep Indigenous love slaxts,


p.s I think I've decided to only write prose/poetry that makes me laugh. I don't think people read enough poetry and it's dope, so maybe I can help get people into it with some chuckles.

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