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  • Kim Senklip Harvey

Our Acknowledgement Work

This week I was asked to do a guest blog for Ruby Slippers Theatre and I wrote about Indigenous land acknowledgements. Artistic and Producing Director Diane Brown offered renumeration that I didn't have to counter or negotiate, she was incredible respectful of timelines and my schedule and she offered to let me write about whatever I wanted.

Please hit the link here to read the post in full.

Also, I posted this on Fbook today.

When all these “canadian” theatre season announcements come out and lack meaningful Indigenous presence and contribute to the erasure of Indigenous peoples and then the arts leaders talk about how important “reconciliation” is to them.

The creation of the NAC IT doesn’t mean ya’ll stop programming and investing locally every year with equity and power distribution in mind - it actually means the opposite.

I haven’t read one announcement that actually contributes to Indigenous artistic sovereignty. Just more of the same with one Indigenous show a year to assuage settler guilt.

Cause if it wasn’t that - and sometimes seasons aren’t even doing that - we’d see fucking innovative systemic programming that actually elicits Indigenous equity.

I see you “nice canadians” hiding behind your arts leadership roles - this doesn’t make you different than other canadians. You and we are complicit in maintaining systems of oppression that participate in the continued genocide of Indigenous peoples.

Break a fucking leg.

If you're a Arts Leader and believe your programming is working towards Indigenous equity and sovereignty and I should hear about it - hollar at me. Love to hear about people actively breaking systemic barriers that go beyond the status quo.

With Indigenous love,


p.s I read this article and we have a lot of conversations to be having that capture and honour the nuance and complexities of identifying Settlers, Newcomers and Displanted peoples to this territory.

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