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  • Kim Senklip Harvey

Pitch Bitch or Ditch

Could this title summarize 2018? Probably but is this the name of the event Pippa Mackie and I are hosting on Jan 14th at The Cultch? Yes!

Pip's and I were hanging out a couple months ago and here's a couple things we learned

1. When we hang out it's the most fun and if we ever invite you, you gotta show up!

and 2. Talking about theatre creation and our artistic practice is one of the most interesting parts of our work and we wanted to share it with others.

We sat at the Dime on Commercial Drive and began jamming out on what that could look like? How could we invite the community in to something theatre practitioners do all the time in a way that was provoking, honest, fun and community focused.

So we came up with Pitch Bitch or Ditch which is an interactive show where anyone can they anonymously submit an idea they have off the top of the show and Pippa and I pull it out of the bowl and we Pitch it to one another and the community, Bitch about it and or we Ditch it and move on to the next one.

If the person who submitted the idea feels brave enough they can come on down and sit in the hot seat and advocate for it and then we all decide if we want to investigate it more or ditch it.

The aim for this event is to be more honest and transparent about how artists work, create discourse and have the ability to not be too precious with any one idea. To be brave and open with our creative explorations and how being urgent curiosity impacts the ideas that come into our worldview.

We will have special surprise guests from the artistic community who will assume the position in the hot seat and field questions from us and the audience. As well as hold some discussions around their creative practice and hear about some of their most outrageous ideas that maybe never did see the light of day. 

We're so elated to be a part of the Cultch's Femme Series which embraces the power of female voices and experiences. This is truly what this event can be distilled down to, 2 young(ish) women speaking openly about their points of view on art and creative practice. 

This event is for you if:

1. You ever listen to men speak a lot. You gotta balance that shit outttt!

2. You have an idea, thought or concept about a show. This does sound a bit scary with things like the hot seat but know it's completely anonymous and there won't be any of this 90's improv shit where we force you onto the stage. We value courage and know this requires vulnerability and we's gonna respect that. Besides we will be too busy embarrassing ourselves.

3. You want to gather with the community more. This is about celebrating and embracing one of the things the Coast Salish Theatre community does pretty fucking well - we work with one another. I spent some time in T'karonto and I'm pretty sure I heard them say they exploring a new thing called "co-producing". Ya that right - shots fired East Coast.

4. You want to laugh and have a good time cause that's Pippa and I's specialty. There will be a bar on stage, good lighting and music so put your town clothes on and come hang with us!

Tickets are only $10!!! I was once told that money is your expression of your commitment so basically we're asking you to marry us for $10. That being said if you need some help coming hollar at us and we figure it out. 

I once tried to submit this meme on a grant so I can relate to being low on skrill. 

We also want to say that we're genuinely excited to hear and explore peoples ideas, the pitch is a really important part of this and we hope can bring some meaningful investigation into your ideas. We believe there is an art to being able to speak honestly, powerfully and respectfully to an idea, it's what Pippa and I do with each other all the time. There is this embodied and necessary grace and truth to the process of art creation that we're looking forward to sharing and participating in with you!

2018 has been brilliant so let's keep the good times rolling. The process is the art so put this event in your digital calendars and start thinking about your pitches!

With love,


p.s Furry jackets encouraged!

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