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  • Kim Senklip Harvey

Mom and Dad

Today is my parents 47th Anniversary and that is so incredible to me! The idea of being with someone for that long - I'm not going to lie, is wiiiiild to me.

Their love is probably one of, if not, the most profound relationships I've had the honour of bearing witness to. It has taught me so many things about what it means to be a community member, leader, partner, friend, parent, human and I'm so grateful for getting to be a part of their journey.

There are so many instances of commitment, insight and accomplishment that I could share but what is most powerful about their relationship is the strength it exudes and the gift that is for all of us around them.

They always prioritized one another which is something I deeply respect because having kids is a part of the family unit but for us they were the foundation and that relationship had to be honoured, tended to and they did. I think that's how they really forged our family.

I was a bit of a shit disturber around the grade 9/10 age and lacked the wisdom to respect my parents, well any authority actually. This was about the time I had 13 weeks of garbage duty, was banned from the cafeteria and had a semi-permanent seat in the Principle's office. The Principle and I actually became not too bad of friends, I'd bring my books into his office and he'd work, was less problematic than being in class I guess.

Anyways, I remember I was in a spat with Ma and Pa I was trying to tell my Dad what my Mom "did" and I referred to Mom as "she" and my Dad stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me like he'd never ever done and he said "that is your Mother, not she and more importantly that is my Wife, don't you ever say that to her again" and I never did. My Dad's love for my Mom is fierce.

My Mom has embodied kindness like nobody else in my life before, with compassion and radical love for those around her. Giving without expectation and beyond a doubt the strongest Matriarch I've ever met. Mom's an astute business woman and Manager and know's how to keep my Dad in line, watching her be the ED and GM and Project Manager for their businesses has taught me a lot about leadership.

My Father has taught my what sustained humility looks like, the best question asker I've ever met and constantly curious about everything around him. Which is why I think he's the most accomplished person I've ever met. Dad's and Mum's theory is keep you head down, get the job done be respectful and fight for what you believe in and don't let anyone push you around.

Last year for their anniversary I made a list of things they've taught me and it still rings so true so her she is again.

Harvey Lesson Highlights:

1. Don't take shit from nobody. 2. Blood is thicker than water 3. Women can play any sport with anybody and excel. 4. Leadership and expertise is having the humility to know when something is beyond your capacity and you need to ask for help. 5. Bob Seger and the Silver Bullets is perfect pre game music for almost anything. 6. We can never eat too much crab 😂 7. School is not the only place to get your education. 8. Set goals every single day 9. If you put your 3 Indian children in sombreros and ponchos in Tijuana and take them back across the US border - customs is going to have some questions. 10. When you return to the Earth, it's just you - so you better damn well be happy with what you do and who you are.

Love and infinite respect to the greatest people I know. It's an honour bearing witness to your incredible lives Mom and Dad.

My heart comes from your love,

your baby.

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