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  • Kim Senklip Harvey

The Fire Holders and Fire Company of Kamloopa

We are close my friends, Saturday September 15th is the official World Premiere of Kamloopa. People thoughtfully keep asking me how I'm doing and I honestly keep saying, I'm waiting to get stressed out. There have been times, particularly this week, where I've felt creatively exhausted but in such a good and probable way.

I need to raise my hands up and honour the entire Kamloopa Fire Company for all their work. In our post preview Fire Igniter/designer talk I said thank you for all the work I know you're doing but also thank you for the work that I couldn't know that you're doing. I think the biggest piece of advice and teaching I could give to anyone looking to create is to be really conscious of the team of creators you work with.

I trust each and every one of them so much, I know if we're still journeying on some elements, that it's incredible to bear witness to their remarkable artistry. This artistic ceremony is about celebrating the success all along the way and I feel so honoured to bear witness to these women and I hope I'm celebrating you all enough! We probably need to be having more dance parties.

I also want to honour the Fire Holders - holy moly are they giving it and it's fascinating to watch. They are also fascinating to listen to and I'd like to share with you the 4th Podcast of Building the Fire with guests Samantha Brown and Kaitlyn Yott which you can listen to here!!!

Take a listen and hear about their powerful Indigenous Matriarchs journey's, they make my spirit soar. Limelet Jess for all your continued work on making sure the podcast happens.

Playing with Fire, holding a fire takes a lot of deliberate strength - these women have that in spades.

Lots of love and Indigenous excitement,



Take a listen to a CBC interview on North by Northwest I did here it starts at 1:44. And check out some more press here and here. Limelet to our allies creating space to speak about the artistic ceremony.

Also, the Coast Salish Summer edition of the Community of Practices is happening on Monday Sept 24th and you can find more details about the event here. Annnnd we're having a giant Thompson Rivers University COP on Tuesday Sept 18 at TRU in the Irving K. Barber Centre from 6-8pm. Come and hang - I love that part!

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