• Kim Senklip Harvey

Holy Chit Kamloopa is Here!

We just finished week 3 of creating the artistic ceremony that is Kamloopa. To lean into the 7 Grandmother teachings I'm going to be honest and share - I'm tired. Writing, Directing doing community and cultural engagement work, producing and having press this past week has been demanding. I've been averaging around 75 hours for a 6 day work week.

It's been amazing with lots of teachings to apply to my next show Break Horizons - like implementing 5 day work weeks with 6 hour work days for the Fire Holders/actors which leaves another 2 hours for the Fire Igniters/Director/Playwright/Designers to do the work. Which most likely means the Igniters team will still be working 8-10 hour days and the Holders will have time to work on their own and still be compensated.

The 5 day work week allows time to rest and reflect because with this Indigenous theatre approach the process is the art, it's not deliverable based and with that the duration of the creation process needs time to breathe otherwise the art and ceremony suffers. I need to embed deep work sessions into the creation portion of the methodology.

It would also allow for family, friend and loved ones time. Focusing on love and relationships for me is a deeply Indigenous practice and at the core of our being and that spiritual nourishing needs to happen. As the Fire Creator which is a number of roles I'm recognizing that the current format that holds the creation is just not sustainable, It's cool for now but we'll reform it in the future. 

And yet under this pressure the Matriarchs are pumping out some kick ass work! We did 4 runs of the show last week and the one on Sat was really illuminating. The Fire Company found so many things and we left pumped to soar into tech on Monday. I am listening to this tune all day - bit tired but pumped!

I also want to take a minute to give a big shoutout to the entire Fire Company - these women are working hard and doing compelling, rigorous and inspiring work. Everyone has ignited their power and oooooooh they are on fireeeee! Maddy, Michelle, Jess, Yolanda, Sam Brown, Kaitlyn, Daniella, Cris, Emily, Lindsay, Sam McCue and Tracey - you're my god damn heroes!!!

And without further ado, I'd like to share with you the Kamloopa trailer!!! I shot this yesterday with the formidable Fire Holders - Yo, Sam and Kaitlyn and I think it speaks for itself. Watch and fall in love with these powerhouse Indigenous Matriarchs!

With so much decolonial love!


ps. buy your tickets for the Kamloops run Sept 13-22 here. Buy your tickets for the Vancouver run at The Cultch from Sept 26 - Oct 6 here. Buy your tickets for the Saskatoon run from Oct 17-28 here. Opening nights for the Kamloops and Vancouver run are sold out but come celebrate with us after even if you didn't catch the show. This Artistic Ceremony is about joy - so put your town clothes on and come hang and dance with us!