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  • Kim Senklip Harvey

Temporal Dreams and a Podcast

I've recently been learning to understand how to celebrate the here and now as impermanent as it is. We just finished the first week of rehearsal for Kamloopa and everyday

was worth celebrating. So I'm trying to treat every courageous act, ever thoughtful offer and every breath filled with laughter as special, momentous and joyous as it is and an integral part of the ceremony. None more important than the other, each action something to be received, respected and sometimes honoured and that is a challenge.

Approaching each step with love and admiration and presence is something I'm rigorously trying to achieve and failing at often. It's an evanescent journey, one that can be exhausting but the good exhausted like after a run, or a good at bat, or after getting a rewrite done. And just like the run being over, it's an impermanent achievement, here and then gone so I think it's really important to receive the love and joy when it presents itself in the moment.

I was working tonight and I looked at my Kamloopa script binder, (limelet Maddy and Michelle for assembling the companies binders) and I read "Director." I said to myself,

Director eh? Being a Director has once been my sole dream and now in the context of re-imagining Indigenous theatre, it's now, maybe a part of a role or a job that I want. Then I thought that is stupid, I worked pretty hard to achieve becoming a Director and the moment I get it - I can't decide if I pulled the carpet out from under myself or it has just transformed in it's beautiful inherent inconstancy.

I've been asking the Fire Ceremony Company to position ourselves as responsive, brave, nimble and honest and I believe we're accomplishing that in our creation work. So I think I just have to meet these temporal dreams for the malleable entities they are, ever evolving and shaping themselves. Which is freeing because then there is an opportunity for every moment for us to be living a dream. One we might not have imagined and that is pretty damn neat if you ask me.

Working and approaching life this way has really opened myself up to channels, opportunities and people in a way that has really brought joy and love into my life. I'm also meeting the fear and trying to honour it and I'm learning to love and respect it for all it's teachings. This emotional fitness and spiritual training is, I think my journey to peace and working to put myself there and centring this work is where I need to be to best serve my people.

In the vein of servitude and knowledge sharing, we as a Kamloopa company are making a few offers to the community, one being in the form of a podcast called Building the Fire. I never dreamed of creating a podcast but here we are. Working with Fire Igniter and

Matriarch extraordinaire Jessica Schacht, we've already recorded 2 Episodes! You can check them out here on the Anchor app and or you can subscribe on itunes here. I'm a part of this so remember strong language and opinions guaranteed but what's way more exciting is all the special guests we will have which will be the people helping build the fire and witnesses.

With the Anchor app you can send us your questions and comments and we will answer them on the podcast in the next episode! You can also message me on here or social media and we'll answer them that way. We're going to be recording them throughout the entire journey of Kamloopa so we'd love to hear from you now and after if you're able to bear witness to Kamloopa and even if you're not, no questions too small, no comment unwanted. Kamloopa for me, is all about honouring and witnessing the constant impermanent exchanges that will transform our relationships and hopefully move us to a place where every community is provided the opportunity to live peacefully.

Now I'm going to go hang out with my Ma and Pa now, my heroes who are currently my present and they are people worth honouring and celebrating.

With gratitude, celebration and working towards peace,


p.s this video has presenced itself again for me and I shared it with the company the other day and I'd like to share it with you. It brings me some peace and I hope it does for you too.

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