• Kim Senklip Harvey

Community of Practice #2

Mark your calendars my lovely friends, May 28th at 6pm in the Historic Theatre we will be having our second Community of Practice (COP).

The COP is my offer to the community to come and share space to focus our attention on Indigenous Theatre, Indigenous creation work and how the work and art intersects with Canadian Theatre.

I really want to ensure that I've done my due diligence as an artistic maker to invite everyone into the process of how I as an Indigenous matriarch create, exist and impact my community and the theatre community at large. I want our relationship to be strong.

It's also my responsibility as someone whose been put into positions of gaining knowledge, that I share it with the community.

A couple of teasers: I can give you the inside info on where Kamloopa is at we head closer to the world premiere, including the cast; I can share how my National Theatre School Artistic Leadership residency is going - including the 2 traits I'm finding that exist in almost all of the leaders of excellence helming artistic institutions across Canada; How the hell did I get a treaty signed for my next commission?! and the complicated and phenomenal experience I had in helping create a women's lodge in Banff and how it absolutely transformed me.

You can find out more details on the COP here . Our work is intrinsically connected so let's create consciously and lovingly together. Come when you can and leave when you need to, I'd love to share some space with you and catch up.

in love, with respect and excitement,


p.s I just came back from Odawa and went to the Ottawa Art Gallery and it's amazing and FREE open 9am-9pm. I loved it and found myself sitting on the floor taking up the thoughtful exhibition. Here is the website and the image I used for the Blog post is from a piece of artist Barry Ace's piece Nayaano-nibiimaang Gichigamiin. It blew my spirit away it was so beautiful. A must see when you are on Anishinaabe territory.