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  • Kim Senklip Harvey

Moonee and Jancey

I'm kinda late to the game for talking about the movie The Florida Project but I had to write something. I was so moved by so many parts but what I cannot and what I will not shake is the powerful experience of love between the two characters Moonee and Jancey.

Just thinking about them makes me want to cry they are so inspiring. There are lots of spoilers here so if you haven't seen the movie yet come back another time.

The acting is flawless - I'm a pretty tough critic usually someone loses something in some part, or there is one weak link that just can't hang with the rest of them. Not in The Florida Project, you want to see a master class in storytelling, watch this effortless cast harness every moment.

I was laughing out loud from the moment it started and I was filled with so much joy one second and then so much anger in another. These storytellers live on their breaths, responsive to every offer, it was exquisite. The whole experience was generous and thoughtful, it felt like a gift.

The relationship between the two girls taught me so many things, as young people often do. Their friendship starts off with someone spitting in the others face and ends with one of the most profound gestures of love I have ever witnessed in cinema.

In one of the last scenes when Moonee is very clearly speaking to the adults about her needs, and asserting herself and holding her space whilst being completely ignored - she finally takes off to her best friends house, to be seen, to be heard and to say goodbye.

When Moonee comes running to Jancey's door and is experiencing so much pain that she can't do anything but cry and Jancey does everything she can to understand her friend and finally grabs her friends hand and runs off with her, I wept.

My heart was teared out by this extraordinary gesture of love, care and refusal. To get to bear witness to this deep friendship continues to be indescribable for me. It made me think about the need for all of us to be truly seen, for our voices and needs to be heard and for our spirits to continue to hold one another, throughout the entirety of our lives.

There are so many compelling examples of matriarchal love in this movie, I just want more. I want to celebrate these moments and relationships more.

A gift was being able to run into nostalgia and reminisce about all the beautiful moments I've been gifted with the women I've had in my life...

So here is to all the matriarchs, I celebrate you in all the moments I'm fortunate enough to see and honour and especially for the moments nobody will see. May our journey's be filled and fuelled by love.

For all the Moonee's and Jancey's out there, I love ya!

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