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  • Kim Senklip Harvey

Community of Practice

I've just returned from Huran-Wendat territory for a part of my National Theatre School Artistic Leadership Residency. I saw a lot of theatre and met a lot of theatre makers and spent some time doing some deep thinking and working.

I am enjoying processing all the teachings. Some...more than others.

Intersecting with Canadian Theatre as an Indigenous Theatre artist is proving to be a really big and exciting challenge - I like challenges and I feel like the Indigenous Theatre community is at a super exciting time.

To share about this exciting time, I am officially inviting you to the first Community of Practice happenning March 5th in the Historic Theatre you can find information on The Cultch website here.

Our Community of Practice is a space for us to sit, chat and explore all are inquiries about what Indigenous Theatre is and how we all impact it. A big value of Indigenous living is knowledge sharing, I believe it to be cyclical and that we have so much to learn from one another, this is my offer and adventure into intentionally building and holding space for us.

I've had some incredible opportunities with the Banff Cultural Leadership Program - I can tell you about a raven who went for a walk with me; with the NTS Artistic Leadership program - I met with the Indigenous student caucus there and the next generation is so full with talent and knowledge and about the upcoming world premiere of Kamloopa my first full length play about 3 bad ass Indigenous woman figuring out what it means to be us.

Come on down, up and or over and hang out from 6pm on March 5th to see what makes me go



Here is a link the Facebook event. Please bring all your questions and curiosities - they are my favourite things.

Limelet, Sechanalyagh.

in love, rage and reclamation.



I just finished reading the book by Peter Wohlleben, The Hidden Life of Trees -it was jawdroppingly fascinating - you should read it.

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