• Kim Senklip Harvey

Original Kin

I've been thinking a lot about genesis and how it exists and impacts my artistic practice. I believe it to be alive, a live, a life. That it is flexible and lives in so many aspects of me, that it in a really beautiful and overwhelming way is my existence. I am the product of tens of thousands, of years of evolution. It is that intersection that makes me have to believe that it's alive, it lives, they live.

Genesis is the evolution of a greek word - gignesthai which means to be born. So we carry our origin stories with us everyday - that ultimately we are the presence of our kin, our genesis. That idea and what it means - keeps me up at night and is weaving itself into my plays. Marcus Youssef says he writes what he can't explain - I can't explain genesis, but it beckons me and I'm profoundly humbled.

My spiritual practice is one that always goes back or comes from the land, because we are the land. When I participate in ceremony I'm always, always talking and relating to the land. We come from it and we will go back to it. Talk about genesis - it's our shared origin story. I heard Neil De Grasse Tyson recently say that when he dies he wants to go back deep into the earth and be feasted on by the flora and fauna because that is our participation in the universe, in humanity - I thought that was pretty bad ass.

I'm in research mode for my new play Break Horizons which focuses on 5 Indigenous women in a Healing Lodge called "Horizons". Healing Lodges are Indigenous values focused incarceration facilities. Indigenous women are the fastest growing population being locked up and I want to know what is happening - why are we abandoning our Matriarchs when we need them and they need us the most.

I'm inserting this story in the cosmological paradigm that we are the reflection of a 4D dying star, which I'm proposing is a part of why Indigenous values and systems don't align with western colonial systems. We come from the old world - our genesis presently lives and exists differently for Indigenous peoples.

In a recent Scientific American Journal it was proposed that our universe was born from a black hole of a 4d dying star - yep to help your winter blues I'm letting you know that our lives are products of black holes. Anyways, scientists studying string theory have used this to build a cosmology of so-called brane worlds. A brane world is that our 3 dimensional universe is a sub-universe embedded in a larger space of 4 or more spatial dimensions. Our world is the bane and the larger universe is called the bulk. I'm interested in the bulk - the world that encapsulates us.

95% of matter in the entire universe cannot be accounted for by physicists - 25% is dark matter and 70% is dark energy. To me that's totally fucking incredible - 95% of what exists we have no fucking clue what it is - or how it even exists. The more research I do the more I realize that scientists keep discovering we actually have no idea whats going on - which I kind of love. When I encounter people who live with so many dogmatically held views - I'm humorously looking at them being like, yo Todd we don't even know what 95% of this universe is - how can you be mansplaining anything dum dum.

I have no official scientific education, in fact Mrs. Gambrelle my earth and ocean science teacher in high school almost failed me - but I'm not one to be deterred - I'm obnoxious and going to throw my theory into it. So Break Horizons is my submission: I think the answers for the 95% of matter is in the bulk and I think the bulk is where the ancestors live, that part of the 95% is the ancestors existence - boom I said it. I believe that our ancestors walk with us and can travel between the bane and bulk - we just can't see them. I think that our women who are being locked up are just our strongest warriors trying to get back to the original world. The theory of relativity, relative, relatives, fails in quantum mechanics - gravity they say travels between this 3d bane world and the 4d bulk world - so why couldn't it be possible that our ancestors with a genesis from the 4d universe have the capabilities to travel from both.

The wild part about this is that if this theory about coming from or being a reflection of a 4d dying star is that we will never be able to see it because of event horizon - that point in space before a black hole sucks, pulls and destroys everything - nothing they say can exist there. So the women in my play are not just trying to break out of the incarceration system they are ultimately trying to break event horizon - if successful - they Break Horizons.

Genes, Original, Kin, Genesis.

This is where my brain is at. On a practical level, I've been delving into what are called "deep thinking" sessions. I turn off all tech and usually walk. I'm finding this really useful to let these ideas manifest, percolate, live. Break echoes with me almost always.

Currently I'm on a train to the territories of the Huron-Wendat and Petun First Nations, the Seneca, and most recently, the Mississaugas of the Credit River. This territory was the subject of the Dish With One Spoon Wampum Belt Covenant, an agreement between the Iroquois Confederacy and the Ojibwe and allied nations to peaceably share and care for the resources around the Great Lakes.

I look forward to spending time on these ancient territories and finding out how it's genesis lives presently.