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  • Kim Senklip Harvey

Legendary Lin Lee-Chen

Last Night I had the privilege of experiencing Lin Lee-Chen's, The Eternal Tides. This woman is fucking with you in the best way possible. I have never experienced anything like this - I'm not even sure what it was - it had dance, it was a performance, but it seems so reductive to classify it as those. It felt spiritual, it felt like a ceremony, a cultural event that I was invited to bear witness.

I'm here in Kahnawake Mohawk territory for a part of my National Theatre School Artistic Leadership Residency - which has been really invigorating and illuminating. But speaking about anything but Lee-Chen's artistry seems stupid.

Now as a knowledge holder of the piece, I feel like I'm responsible to share the necessity of it. I'm humbled by the endeavour - I can still feel my body moved by it, moving, by it.

I was nervous when I heard it was a 2 hour piece with no intermission - I had just seen a 1 act show the night before that ran 1:52 and nobody was listening at the end because we were all dancing in our seats waiting to use the facilities. Eternal Tides ran about 2:20 - they started about 6 mins after 8 so it's got endurance but jayzus it moves - the first part snaps by with everyone leaning in, its riveting, intoxicating, exciting and relentless. I would've sat there for days - it was remarkable.

Lin Lee-Chen shared a story that made me see the human body in ways I couldn't even imagine. It makes me want to ask questions with more rigour - to investigate ideas with more deliberateness and to smash through the wall when I think it's the end of a question. This show has absolutely impacted my artistic practice.

Sechanalyagh, Limelet to the performers, and to Lee-Chen. She came out for what can be called a curtain call - but I don't think it was one....She does come for you.

This show is headed to the Coast Salish territory for one night only on Feb 3- if you can't afford tickets just beg, borrow and steal yourself one. This is not to be missed. Email Norman or Joyce or something I don't know but just get yourself there - holy fuck. This show is a gift here's the link to tickets.

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