An Indigenous Matriarch Story

Come along for the ride to Kamloopa, the largest powwow on the West Coast. This high energy Indigenous matriarchal story follows two urban Indigenous sisters and a lawless trickster who face the worlds head-on as they come to terms with what it means to honour who they are and where they come from. But how do you discover yourself when Columbus already did that? Bear witness to the courage of these women in the ultimate transformation story as they turn to the ancestors for help to reclaim their power. ​Kamloopa explores the fearless love and passion of Indigenous women reconnecting with their homelands, ancestors and selves.


In the stage directions before the story begins, Harvey deliberately writes: Time. All.

Experience how her play supports two ancestors and a trickster seeking their contemporary identities on a boundary blurring adventure. Kamloopa is not restricted to the 4 walls of theatre but honours an lawful practice of telling stories with our ancestors and was created with a focus on matriarchal relationships and Interior Salish survivance. This high energy Indigenous matriarchal story will remind you to always dance like the ancestors are watching

In 2018, Kamloopa had a 3 city world premiere and was nominated for 8 Jessie Richardson awards and 4 SATAwards. The production won the 2019 Jessie Richardson award for Significant Artistic Achievement for Decolonizing Theatre Practices and Spaces and was the first Indigenous play in the Jessie Richardson's history to win Best Production. Kamloopa also won the SATA award for outstanding Projection Design. Senklip Harvey was the 2019 recipient of the Sydney J Risk prize for most outstanding emerging playwright and in 2020, Kamloopa became the first play written by an Indigenous woman to win the Governor General's award for Drama.


Kamloopa is published by Talonbooks and you can get your copy here.

The Kamloopa Fire Zine: a companion to igniting conversation about the ceremony.