Kim has over 16 years of experience of working with individuals, teams and organizations to help them refresh and transform procedural frameworks to ensure the work is grounded in anti-racist and ethical structures and supported with sustainable methods and nourishing processes that ignite success and foster a culture of mindfulness.

From advising arts councils, standing and steering committee's, boards of directors at the federal, provincial, municipal and community levels, Kim has significant experience navigating complex environments and can offer a variety of services that can support you and your team in achieving your desired outcomes.

Using Indigenous methodologies guided by her Salish and Plateau values, Kim works with driven members from all communities and backgrounds to root practices in culturally competent processes, grounded in courageous decision making to ensure organizations and individuals get tangible results.

Kim's particular knowledge and experience exists within the arts, community, social, youth and athletic sectors.


She is an internationally  recognized artistic leader whose completed the Banff Cultural Leadership program, the National Theatre Schools Artistic Leadership program and is an award winning writer and director known for her process driven methodological innovations.

Kim was a high level softball player competing for National titles and in international cups. Was named an All Star Jr, given the MVP Shortstop at Nationals and was trained by Olympic level coaches and has certifications with the National Coaching Program.


As a roller derby Coach for the Vancouver Men's team, in 3 years she led them from an unranked position to the number one spot in the country and achieved the highest international ranking of any team in Canadian history. She was also the first female Head Coach of Team Canada Men's Roller Derby and attended the 2017 World Cup in Barcelona.

Kim's diverse background in leadership is founded on question based inquiry, strength based methodologies and a rigorous process of critical performance reflection and analysis. She combines her community based inter-cultural knowledge with her leadership and team building skills to give artists, athletes and administrators the skills to build their capacities and become courageous change makers to drive conscious transformation within their processes and work. 

Intake Email

If you are interested in contracting Kim and her services please reference the consultative fee estimations and send her an email with the following:

Self location:

-who are you accountable to

-your values

-roles, responsibilities

-what brought you here today

-how do you intro yourself and identify

Self location is about relationship to land, language, spiritual, cosmological, political, economical, environmental and social elements of one’s life. 

Self location is a part of Indigenous learning and ontology because the way we work is about situating ourselves in humble and conscious relationality to our intersectional cosmologies.


Nature of the Consult:

Including projected time and scope of project, deliverables and any additional information you think is pertinent to making an assessment of your inquiry.


These are bottom line estimations, rates will be determined and confirmed before any engagement occurs:

Email conversations exceeding 1 exchange $150 no matter if a consult occurs.

Phone and zoom consults up to 1 hour - $200-$500 pending on research and complexity of assessment.

Initial Phone and or zoom follow ups 2-3 hours - $300-$600

School visits on zoom or in person 1-2 hours - $200-$500

Engagements exceeding 3 hours $500-$2k

 If you are only able to offer the lowest fee please include in your email your fiscal circumstance and rationale.


Organizations don't change, people do. So if you're ready and in a place to get courageous and commit to a process that will be many parts, including uncomfortable and exciting, please do get in touch.