Break Horizons:

A Rocking Indigenous Justice Ceremony

Break Horizons is a new Artistic Ceremony in development by cultural evolutionist and Indigenous theorist Kim Senklip Harvey. This Indigenous futurism story explores the 500 year Indigenous rebellion against settler imperial colonialism.

Gravitating around an Indigenous women’s healing lodge, this ceremony follows 5 Indigenous Matriarch’s, the Mothers of the animal worlds and a dimension bending shifter as they work to reclaim our right to exist with dignity and freedom.

Armed with the indestructible force that is Indigenous love, join these brave Matriarchs as they call on the powers of our Ancestors, to mobilize and liberate us from climatic systems of oppression, putting all of our futures at risk.

This cosmic expedition rocks us with a multiverse of music, dance and story guaranteed to move you. Break Horizons is a revolutionary voyage working to secure a conscious and continuing existence for us all.


Senklip Harvey is on a event breaking theatrical endeavour not to be missed.